Radiant Heating in Brooklyn

Reliable radiant heating repair and installation services in Brooklyn.

Stepping onto a warm floor or leaning against a heated wall when temperatures are at their coldest can provide a soothing and comforting sensation unlike any other. The benefits of radiant heating are no more evident than during these types of moments. Radiant heating can provide warmth like no other system can.

The radiant heat contractors at NY HVAC Services are always prepared to provide Brooklyn, NY homeowners with their radiant heat services. These heating devices can change the way you think about staying warm during the cold months.

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What Does Radiant Heating Do?

Instead of warming up the air like other types of heating systems, radiant heating focuses on raising the temperature of surfaces. It’s most commonly used in flooring and baseboards. Tubes run beneath a surface and the heat they produce radiates outward. That’s why it feels so comfortable when you come into contact with these surfaces.

Advantages of Radiant Heating

Since radiant heating warms up surfaces instead of the air in your home, there’s no attachment to the ductwork. Radiant heating doesn’t need to be circulated through a ventilation system, which means it doesn’t pick up any of the dust, spores and other debris that can be found inside air ducts. When air travels through vents, the chances of these harmful particles blowing into your home increases significantly. Radiant heating is also quiet and gives you the option of setting up heating zones so you aren’t wasting money warming up rooms that are empty.

Another big advantage radiant heating possesses has to do with energy efficiency. You can set up heating zones within your household, which means you control which areas get heating. If you’re able to manage your radiant heating system well, you might be able to reduce energy consumption while paying less in utility costs.

Hire a Radiant Heat Company to Take Care of Installation

Installing a radiant heating system is a job that requires the delicate touch of a professional. It requires tubes be put in within the surface they’ll be heating. These tubes are heated with the help of a boiler or just plain old electricity. Everything must be connected in the correct fashion. It’s a complicated procedure. The safest route for you would be to contract an expert to do the job for you.

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