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Experienced evaporator coil repair and replacement services in Brooklyn.

Every component in an air conditioner must work together as one in order to take advantage of its cool, refreshing benefits. Perhaps the most crucial part of an AC unit is the evaporator coil. This piece is instrumental in generating the appliance’s cooling effect. Without it, all the AC would produce is puffs of warm air.

An air conditioner with a damaged or broken evaporator coil won’t be of practical use to anybody. Good thing for homeowners in Brooklyn, NY, the technicians at NY HVAC Services are trained to conduct evaporator coil repair and evaporator coil replacement services.

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evaporator coil services

Where Can You Find the Evaporator Coil?

Depending on what type of air conditioning system you have, the evaporator coil is located either within the air handler, which is a metal box that houses several key AC components and is linked to the air ducts, or close to the furnace. Evaporator coils contain the refrigerant that’s used to absorb heat from the air as it travels through your home and are connected to the indoor portion of a central air system.

If you discover your air conditioner is pumping out nothing but warm air, the most likely culprit is a malfunctioning evaporator coil. Before attempting to fix the problem yourself, we recommend contracting the services of a professional who understands air conditioning systems inside and out. Contact us and we’ll deploy one of our crew members to quickly repair or replace the evaporator coil.

Significance of Evaporator Coil Maintenance

With regular use, it’s expected grime and other substances will eventually build up around the evaporator coil. One of the tasks performed during regular air conditioning maintenance services is a thorough cleansing of this component. This will help keep your air conditioner in top condition and ensure it has no problem delivering cool comfort all summer long.

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