Air Handler Services in Brooklyn

Dependable air handler repair and installation services in Brooklyn.

Air conditioners are sophisticated and delicate appliances, and each component inside is equally complex and fragile. One of the most crucial of these is the air handler. It’s instrumental to the operation of your AC system.

Homeowners need access to air handler services if they wish to keep their cooling appliance in working condition. Good thing the technicians at NY HVAC Services can conduct air handler repairs and air handler replacements to homes in the Brooklyn, NY area.

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Where Is the Air Handler?

You’ve probably seen it dozens of times without knowing what it is or how critical it can be to your air conditioning appliance. The air handler has the appearance of a plain metal compartment that’s attached to your AC system. Inside are several key parts, including filters, fans, sound attenuators and dampers. All it takes is for one of these pieces to break down for air flow to be compromised and the climate in your home to be affected.

Why Are Air Handler Services Important?

The air handler must be properly maintained if you want your AC to keep chugging along. Any mold growth inside the handler due to excess moisture, algae in the condenser drain line or a dirty evaporator coil, can have an effect your AC unit’s efficiency. The filters inside may also become dirty and clogged due to excess dirt, which will cause the air conditioner to expend more energy trying to sustain the environment inside.

If the air handler is kept in poor condition it will only add strain to your air conditioning system. This means more money will be spent on energy consumption each month. Call in an expert to inspect the unit if you experience a big drop in your air conditioner’s performance. They will take a close look at the air handler, and conduct any necessary repairs to boost your AC output.

Count on Our Air Handler Services

Here at NY HVAC Services, our highly trained technicians are focused in serving all the needs of every customer. We won’t consider a job finished unless you’re completely satisfied. If you point out a mistake, we’ll do our best to fix it right away.

We’re also free to conduct air handler services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need emergency help from one of our crew members, even if it’s in the middle of the night on a weekend, you can call us and we’ll be ready to lend a hand.

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