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On the Fence About Getting a Boiler? Here Are 6 Facts That Can Help Your Decision

Boiler Facts

New York gets it all, and that includes some harsh winters that can keep you snuggled up at home, or wanting to put on an extra sweater at work.

But there are modern heating systems that can keep you comfortable no matter how cold it is outside, and the older technology known as boilers, are still viable! Here are six facts to explain why.

The Hot Water Difference

Working BoilerThe most common type of heating today is a gas-burning furnace. Natural gas is burned up, heating up air within a furnace, then fans pump that air into rooms, pushing out the cold air and replacing it with the furnace heated air.

Boiler systems work a bit differently. While electricity or gas is used for heat, it’s water that gets warmed up, then sent through pipes to rooms, where the heat naturally radiates, warming the air inside the room, rather than replacing it.

No Need to Hit the Boiling Point

Some boilers in industrial settings do heat water all the way up to the boiling point in order to vaporize it into steam.

At the general consumer level, however, that’s overkill. With today’s technology, boilers can reach about 140°, and that’s sufficient to the task of keeping a room comfortably warm.

No Extra Humidity

HumidityIf air-based heating like furnaces dry the air out, do water-based heating sources add moisture, like a humidifier? The answer is “no!”

A properly functioning radiator keeps the water tightly sealed, so it makes no contact with the air at all, only the heat is spread, not moisture.

However, if there’s a break in the system, then condensation or humidity might be an issue.


Water PressurePressure Is Essential

Some people swear by the pressure of their showers. If the pressure isn’t strong, it’s not a good shower, and boilers are the same way.

If the pressure is too low on boilers, this affects just how efficiently the heating can be. Low pressure may also be a sign of a leak somewhere, so it’s never a good thing.

Enhances a Property

Save MoneyIf a home or workplace has heating systems that are 20 years or more in age, then an upgrade to a new boiler may seem pricey.

However, that upfront cost is balanced off as a fantastic long-term investment. You’ll immediately see lower bills, thanks to the better performance, but you’ll add to your property value and your resale appeal as well.

An Efficiency Boost

Energy Efficient BoilerA good quality boiler is about 90% efficient, but where boilers shine is in their versatility. They are quieter than furnaces since they don’t need fans.

They are also cleaner since they don’t blow air around. But critically, boilers can be selective about which rooms to heat.

So if you only want to heat the bedrooms when people are sleeping, you can save money that way, whereas a furnace has to heat the entire home once it turns on.

There are a lot of old buildings in Brooklyn, NY and plenty of them are due for an overhaul in the HVAC department. If you’re looking for an efficient heating alternative, and don’t want to install air ducts in your home, look at boilers are your alternative!